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Oxley United is a volunteer operated community football club located at Dunlop Park.

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I would like to update you about training and playing guidelines for the return to sport in June.

Whilst this update may feel rather vague, please understand that the current situation is rather fluid and expected to change several times prior to resumption. From all communication with Football Brisbane the season will go ahead starting in July with completion date and more information to be released soon.

Government guidelines are proving very restrictive and we are working with all parties to ensure that at Oxley United we are following the rules and regulations put forward to us to get training started.

Football QLD has released guidelines that we will be tailoring to our requirements at the club.


These include, but are not limited to, restrictions on playing and spectating numbers at Dunlop Park at any given time.

As we get closer to the resumption of training starting Monday the 15th June, we will issue precise guidelines for all teams to follow. This will involve additional responsibilities for each Coach and Manager, as well as for players and parents.

However, at this stage the committee is unable to allow Mini Roo’s (under 6 to under 11) to start training, until either the guidelines of 20 people per venue are changed or the next stage in government restrictions are lifted. This was a tough decision but with the restriction we are just unable to accommodate ALL our junior teams to allow a fair option for all.

We are working to schedule junior competitive and senior teams one training session per week.

A further update will occur as soon as we receive more information. This will allow the committee to formulate a workable plan for all or members.

Please if you have my concerns or questions regarding the season please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Claire Aziz (President)



Season 2020 Update (as at 1 April)

Football Brisbane have advised today that the suspension of Season 2020 has been extended to 30 June 2020.
We will continue to meet with Football Brisbane on a regular basis and bring you updates as and when we can, in a timely fashion. As ever, if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please stay safe and continue to do your part, as regards social distancing measures, so that we can all get back to doing what we love sooner, rather than later.

Season 2020 Update (as at 24 March)

The Club committee thought it appropriate to update our members on the 2020 season.  Our current advice from Football Brisbane is that the season has not been cancelled and it is assumed that it will resume/begin at some point.  When we are informed about the resumption of training or otherwise, we will let you know.

We have had some enquiries about refunds should the season not go ahead.   The Club is not making refunds at present. The reasons for this include the following:

1. The Club is still being invoiced for registrations.

2. The Club has already paid a significant amount, on your behalf, for registrations, affiliation fees, levies and so forth which, should the season be cancelled we would expect to be refunded.  This is in addition to the normal club running costs such as mowing, maintenance, equipment purchases and so forth. 

3. It is uncertain, at present, as to how the various association costs, already paid, will be refunded.  Our preference is that they will be refunded to the Club so, if necessary, we can make one refund payment to our members.

4. We have already formulated teams across all age levels and are expected to lodge team nominations for Miniroos with Football Brisbane.  This is a time consuming and arduous process which could be severely impacted by premature withdrawals from teams.  It may include the redrawing of teams with no guarantee that any player who withdraws will be able to be put back into a team.

We share your concerns about the uncertainty.  We ask for and thank you for your patience and forbearance.  We also assure all our members that should the season be cancelled that the Club will make the appropriate refunds in a timely manner.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Effective immediately, Oxley United is putting in place the following measures to help protect the health and well being of our players, parents and coaches:


We are asking everyone attending our facilities  (players, coaches and parents) to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer before coming and during their stay

Dispose of rubbish (including tissues and napkins) thoroughly in bins provided

Avoid close contact with others, such as touching

All players should bring a clean water bottle for their OWN USE ONLY (no sharing with other players).  We also ask that teams do not share fruit at half time or the end of games

We ask all players and coaches to refrain from shaking hands or any form of contact during and at the end of training and games 

If you or your child is feeling unwell in any way, please do not bring them to training or games


We hope you understand why we have to take these simple precautionary measures to help protect everyone's health.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at admin@oxleyutdfc.org



Do you want to become the next Matilda?


If you are turning 11, 12 or 13 this year and are interested in playing in an all girls team in the girls competition this season, we would love to hear from you!  Our Under 12 girls team which has played together for the last couple of seasons has some vacancies and are looking for new members to join them this season.  Please email admin@oxleyutdfc.org.au

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