Komodo Teams

The Komodo Dragons competition is designed for experienced players who would like to develop their skills and play at the highest level of competition available for their age group.

Komodo Information

From U9 to U11 Football Brisbane have the following competitions for Mini Roos.:

§  Geckos - First time players

§  Goannas - Local area competition for players of medium skill level (Most Oxley United FC teams are in this competition)

§  Komodos - Local area competition for players of medium to high skill level


Oxley United 2020 Komodo Teams - U9, U10 and U11

For the 2020 season Oxley United will be nominating teams in the Komodo Dragons for U9, U10 and U11. At this stage we have decided NOT to hold trials as we are encouraging teams to nominate together to go into the Komodo competition.  Feedback from teams and our view as a Club is that, where possible, it is more beneficial for teams to stay together and keep playing as a team over consecutive seasons.  If when we open registrations for 2020 we get more response for players wanting to play in Komodo we may go down the path of trials in Early Feb.



Komodo Teams would require to train 2 nights a week. This is not compulsory but recommended as most teams in this completion will train twice a week.

Oxley United does not have the capacity to pay coaches.  We would therefore have to rely on the support of volunteers and encourage parents to continue in coaching roles at this level with training provided for those who commit to coaching, and also the possibility of senior players and qualified coaches assisting in some training sessions.  Please contact juniors@oxleyunitedfc.org.au if this is something you as a coach would like to do.


For Example of Team Nomination

Where possible, the Club intends to keep teams from 2019 together into season 2020.  If, in the opinion of the Club, this team is of the ability to play in the Komodo division, they will be nominated in that division.  If there are vacancies within that team then extra players will be allocated to that team who are able to play at that level.  If necessary, trials will be held to determine those players.

No team or player will be required to play in the Komodo division if they choose not to. We will only place players/teams in a Komodo team if they are of that standard.  

If you require any further information on the Komodo teams please contact us at juniors@oxleyunitedfc.org.au

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